Remoulade Restaurant - Bad Food Bad Waitress and Bad Manager

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Myself, my two friends, and there three daughters all ate here on July 23rd, 2013 and was not good at all.I had the taste of New Orleans.

The seafood gumbo was cold and very soupy, and very salty. By the time the waitress came around, who by the way never smiled, I had already eaten most of it, so I told her not to worry about getting me another one. My friend Jimmy said his gumbo was cold too. When the rest of my food showed up the red beans and rice were ice cold and the stuff crab tasted like all breading and nothing else.

Rachelle's food was cold and not tasty. One of the kids said her pizza was bad. My friends Jimmy and Rachelle both said there craw fish pie was also bad. I would say 90% of the food was horrible.

I asked the waitress if she told her manager and she said yes. The check cost me $85.06 and I still tipped $15 which means I spent $100.06 and it wasn't worth 10 cents. When we were leaving I asked the manager if the waitress said anything to her and she said no, that this was the first she heard of it, so in other words, the waitress lied when she said she told the manager when she never did.

The manager didn't care at all and offered us nothing.

She could have cared less.This place has very bad food, very bad waiters, and very bad management.

Review about: Horrible Waitress.

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